Vartulz Technologies

Vartulz is a technology driven company that provides the best in class products and solutions leveraging the latest tech in the market. They have a unique portfolio serving to a range of enterprises, from Fortune 500 companies to startups and even government projects. What they and many more tech companies today face is a brand identity crisis.


Brand refresh


IT Consultancy

Our Approach


The challenge in hand was to refresh the present brand image without completely losing the essence and values of the existing one. So after hours of brainstorming that resulted into weeks of research and understanding the market, we came with a new persona. Instead of building a new brand identity we sculpted the existing one.

Customer shoes

Exploring the mindset of their potential, current as well as previous clients we realised the missing and the extra unwanted pieces to their visual personality.‚Äč

New positioning

Since they already were a technically sound unit in AI, Iot, Blockchain and ML technologies, we structured their identity around 'Innovation Lab'. We came up with a new logo, tagline, brand color palette, theme, social media approach, collateral material redesigning as well as a whole new set of brand values and ideology