Nutshell Collateral

Nutshell is a US based digital marketing and development studio. Although a startup, they saw a tremendous growth within a few months of hitting the markets. Due to falling short on resources they wanted their company’s portfolio, collateral material as well as their pitch material to be designed. 




IT | Digital

Our Approach

Simple and modern

They wanted a flow in their design, and were looking for a simple, yet modern approach. The challenge in hand was to portray the vast range of services maintaining their color theme as well as a minimal design approach.


We did what we do best. We disrupted the whole theme, lay waste of their colors, experimenting with everything in hand and making use of each and every gradient palette we could get our hands on. After six days of reckless experiments we found our sweet spot.


We made slight changes to their theme colors and designed their company's main pitch brochure using only three solid hues, rejecting any use of images, re-writing/re-phrasing their whole content to make it fit in those 6 pages and finally crafting a masterpiece.

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Color Palette