Concept Photography

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So, recently we carried out a concept shoot for this bakery brand which wanted to photograph its product around a particular theme. Although there had limited resources and budget, their product was so scrumptious that we couldn’t say no.

The product in frame is a cupcake, delicious? yes, but it was now upon us to create the appropriate environment, persona and the perfect positioning in order to justify its taste and quality.

The Setup

We used a Sony A73 Full Frame DSLR Mirrorless Camera with a primary lens (24-70mm 2.8) and a secondary lens (85mm 1.8). For lighting, we used a softbox light to control exposure and a couple of LEDs placed on the top and the side to control shadows.

Our Team

Head Shoot Choreographer

Director of Photography


Our Objective

The client wanted to give off a premium look and feel to the product, while still positioning at as an affordable, frequently consumed product, accessible and for the budget sensitive audience, especially students.


So the food decoration was done to make the product appear delectable, we also used gold polished cuttlery portraying a high-end range of bakery, and curated an environment using uniquely designed sheets of paper along with objects and elements complementing the staging area.
All the efforts to style the shoot, and the placement of the product was planned in a way to meet our client’s need and more than that to resonate with the Target Audience’s psyche.